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Welcome to Sober In Seaside! Those of us that thrive in recovery on our own little piece of heaven would like to help make you feel at home. We have great meetings year around at The Little Yellow House (715 3rd Avenue) and during the summer, beach meetings. We combat 76 shades of grey (and not in the good way) rainy days of the North Oregon Coast with learning how to be happy, joyous and free from within and planning three celebrations of recovery during the year. In April we have the North Coast Roundup and September It's a She Thang (A Women's AA convention) Last but not least New Years Roundup or (End of the Year) the last weekend of December. All, with Al-Anon participation.

The 2024 North Coast Round Up online registrations are live on our sister site! Looking for the mail in registration? Although we encourage you to use our online registration, you may grab a printable here: 
Please Don't Drink!
•Astoria/Seaside 1 971-601-9220
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Thank you to the people who are kind 
while speaking to the folks on the other end of the phone. 
The committee members are human and make mistakes. 
Expect an amends when we are wrong.
Always expect kindness when we 
answer the phone. 
Because you are wanted , needed and loved.
 Our small little beach town is blessed with those of you that come and celebrate with us. Every once in a while the sun will come out in all of its glory , that is when the sea sparkles and the trees glow a spectacular green. Those are the days that feel like a holiday. Folks are more friendly, smiles outshine the sun and it is not unheard of to see a 90 year old dance with a toddler in the surf.
I love Seaside with all of her problems and warts. She means as much to me as the area did  to Sacagawia. A land of realized dreams,freedom, new found courage and selflessness born of a community that sticks together through the hard times. I will write more. about Seaside's' first Lady and my personal hero. 
 Stay tuned for Oregon history that will  be politically incorrect at times. Maybe a bit raw, edgy, highly organic. but that is me and I own it.
As a lover of history and an artist I am going to present a page or two dedicated to (in my OPINION ONLY) our first lady Sacagawea, Sharing my love and passion of the North Coast only in a way that a 36 year transplant from Eastern Oregon can appreciate. Today the locals call us "Flatlanders" I will indeed back up opion with referance links. As my life story in some instances are similar with hers, Sacagawias courage,  inspired me during the early days of recovery.  I could not choose where I was born but this is where I will die. The dash inbetween the years is mostly about Seaside, and her people.
I will always have a softspot in my heart for Pendleton, and the Cowboys I grew up with. Most of my heros are Cowboys . I am including photos and storys. If you have a Seaside story you would like to share please email me and we will talk.
Blessings ; The Copper Cowgirl.

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