Copywrite 2016 ZanDanforth
Copywrite 2016 ZanDanforth
After 16 years I am going to say by by to this server. Sooo that means I am under Heavy construction .We have a new  sponsor and she has a great book for your consideration. I am working on her web page as we speak. So hang in there folks . We are working on the reinvention of S.I.S. and me.
Seaside AA Conventions
How to Make Prayer & Meditation Work for You
published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.
This  website Is NOT a bonified A.A. Site!!Some traditions will be broken as this site is indeed privately owned and maintained. We are not an AA hotline BUT If you are going to drink CALL!!!!! Remember; all pain is temporary. To be human is to be presented with unfair choices, it is survival of those choices that make us strong. It is love that makes us resilient!!
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