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Sober In Seaside .Com
Welcome! Those of us that thrive in recovery on our own little piece of heaven would like to help make you feel at home. We have great meetings year around at The Little Yellow House (715 3rd Avenue) and during the summer, beach meetings. We combat the grey Rainy days of the North Oregon Coast with learning how to be happy, joyous and free from within and planning two celebrations of recovery during the year. In April we have the North Coast Roundup and September It's a She Thang (A Women's AA convention) Both with Al-Anon participation.Our small little beach town is blessed with those of you that come and celebrate with us. Every once in a while the sun will come out in all of its glory , That is when the sea sparkles and the trees glow a spectacular green. 
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It Is True!
End of the Year Convention is a go for 2021. We will have the Registration up after She Thang.