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It is our wish to create a surfable, fun, recovery  web site.  This is  not AA approved and to be honest, S.I.S. can't be. WE do NOT SPEAK FOR AA or anyone in AA although I post Fellowship news. Very soon we will be selling stuff too and I don't think New York would approve of Jewelery, God Boxes and what not

Yes this is indeed the official North Coast Round Up website & we are 10 years old this year! To be honest this site would have originally  been called North Coast Roundup.com But a very smart "Normy purchased it and offered to sell the name back to me in1999 for a cool 2 grand. Hence SIS was created. At the time I did not feel the name was all that important. Besides, I did not have two grand to spare. Shoot my car is only worth $500 and for two grand even back then my priorities were Cool Computer, car, Dress Barn oh yea food. Web site name ? NAAA.

Three years ago the name became available again and as the oldest  active member of the committe I purchased it. for $10.00

If you have a business or web site that you yould like to have linked please contact me.