Zan Danforth
Sober In Seaside
Welcome dear friends,

Harlan and I would watch Hallmark movies together and weep for the poor young widows as they would walk through grief then fall in love again. Non of that prepares you for the reality of Widows Brain
,or the 5 freaking stages of grief or going to Safeway trying to figure out what to do for food for one. I would live on yogurt myself but not too healthy. They never show you the crazy stuff the Hallmark widows do like Internet car shopping at 2 am. GOD do NOT give them your real email address!!! Trust me and I even gave Ron Tonkin my phone number. It was kind of like being in a white out. Jason J. accused me of being a lonely widow needing phone calls from salesmen. Well he could be right. We did have a good laugh.
Speaking of laughter, find people that have sick senses of humor. Really, Harlan was funny and I tend to be more serious and the one thing I know for a fact is you can not heal without laughter!!! There is nothing that serious that one cant find something to laugh about.Our friend Al says "Only in A.A,  ya cant make this shit up!"
I simply miss him as much as I would miss 1/2 of my heart. It feels like there has been an amputation. I will write more about him in time but as a friend put it "It still hurts when I touch it".
P.S. I hope you can come to his Celabration of life.

Lessons learned in the last 6 weeks.