December 29,30 &31 2023
Seaside Convention Center
415 1st Ave.
Seaside, Oregon
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Bring your dancing shoes and be practice for the talent show!

Registration Will REMAIN ONLINE until Thursday Dec. 28 2023
 (Meals are sold out)

Friday Night Potluck 
(Need Not be registered)
AA Speakers

Al-Anon Speaker

Sunday Morning Spiritual Breakfast

Friday night Karaoke and Talent show

Saturday Night Dance

Game Room

Vendors (Stock up for Birthdays and your Home Group)

No Excuses not to have fun in recovery!!! 

Need not be registered to purchase a ticket and attend Potluck or dance 
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My Dearest Friends,
 I am so very grateful that the Portland and Seaside fellowships have taken over the End of the Year AA convention!
It is a wonderful way to honor Harlans' memory and create a new beginning for us all. This year we would have celebrated 20 years of marriage, a lot of love and a teaspoon of bickering as all of our friends will remember.
Oh, and I am still working on the thank you cards for all of the wedding gifts. you know me, I am always late, (but always stay late to clean up.) 

I want to let my old friends know that I miss them terribly! Especially Paul and Maureen, you are MISSED! You too Kelly! you worked so hard to keep this going with after covid hiccups! (Sorry, no last names due to anonymity) There those of you whom I don't have space to mention here, know (I hope) That I love and miss you.
 Your service and support was so greatly appreciated especially after my / our, Harlan passed.
There has been a new team in the last couple of years. Unlike us in the old days, they are younger, more polished and organized (Techno savy too). They have just as much passion for sober, fun, as we did  "in the day" and I am overjoyed to watch the miracles that take place while they plan and work so hard. This proves that change is inevitable and is good. Even if some of us have a hard time with change.

The joy of being an Elder Statesman is indeed watching people grow and become who God meant them to be. The lessons are at times difficult to walk through when one participates on a committee. The journey is never about the destination as its all about personal growth, learning to live by the traditions by practicing the steps.

​If you are on the fence about coming, please come. My lesson this year is to find out that just by suiting up and showing up i am still of service. THAT has been the hardest lesson of my life! I promise your 2024 will indeed start with a spiritual kick in the pants born of joy. Now who can resist that? 

 Heather and Yola will be at the front desk to Greet you with a warm hug and smile. 
Ill be around, check for the blood of a deacon😂 But know that this Bleeding Deacon loves you all!
because you are all loved, Needed, and Wanted!