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38.2   Annual North Coast Roundup  2022

Pacific Paint and Shaw Wholesale Flooring
Images are copywriter by Zan Danforth 2020 All Right Reserved 
Copper Cowgirl Designs, Seaside Oregon

 Registration Info ONLY : Call Nancy at 503-812-9281

If you registered for 38th NCR, 2020, you are automatically registered for the 38.2 NCR 2022 at no cost!
PLEASE!!!! only call Nancy at 503-812-9281, Zan is muddling through the video and I am NOT answering my phone until April 5 2022 unless an emergency.  Please remember Nancy has a day job that pays the bills , North Coast Roundup pays  in your love (which is greatly appreciated !) and she will get back to you asap!

 Masks MAY BE REQUIRED DEPENDING UPON STATE, Convention Center & Federal Mandates. WE FOLLOW THE RULES even if we don't like them, right? (That is what my sponsor SUGGESTS anyway). We will have a welcome home to Seaside party ! . 
We love it when our AA and Al-Anon family comes to visit! 
With loads of love and service,
The North Coast Roundup Committee!
April 7th, 8th , 9th & 10th , 2022
2022 is a go so far!!!

  • There will be only 500 registrations above and beyond the pre registered.
  • Printable Registration will be up on January 15th 2022 
  •  Snail mail only! 
  • We will send you a post card asap to remind you if you are indeed registered
  •  Call Nancy at 503-812-9281 if you cant remember if you are pre registered 

  • Remember that you are indeed special!!

We Missed You So Much!!!!!
Will have more fun facts soon! 
North Coast Schedule Link by April 1 2022