When I, at 33 years of sobriety, was  given ,the gift of desperation.  I have had to be open to recieving love. As a God fighter, I finelly ceased fighting everyone and everything, for the first time in sobriety. and it took my best friend and life partner to die to bring me to my knees. BUT...
What a gift!
No longer do I have faith, I have trust. Trust that God and you all have my back. My biggest fear was I would drink, but my angels have kept me busy with meetings and service work, until I could get to the the point to where I could FEEL; NO MATTER WHAT!
If you are new, welcome to one of the greatest technologies in the world practiced by the kindest group of people in the world. When you come to NCR and if you feel alone, come find me, I will pass it on and keep you busy with your next new best friends. Jump in the middle and we will hold you close.
If you are indeed desperate, remember it is a gift No Matter What!